VEKA Softline 82

VEKA Softline 82

VEKA Softline 82 windows are the most modern profiles with high energy efficiency, characterized by external walls with a thickness of 3mm, which classifies them in class A.
Profile designed for passive construction and dedicated to all those who value insulation parameters.

A 7-chamber frame with a reinforced steel profile stiffens the entire structure. The windows are adapted to double and triple glazing, and the sets of double glazing units can be from 24 to 52mm,
thanks to which the window has better thermal properties and is less susceptible to condensation.
VEKA Softline 82 windows achieve thermal insulation of Uw from 0.79 W / m2K.

The windows with the VEKA Softline 82 profile feature three seals to even better prevent the ingress of moisture and isolate from outside noise.

Softline 82 profiles allow the installation of any hardware, from anti-burglary to hidden. Dozens of color variants will satisfy every demanding customer.

Excellent thermal insulation parameters in combination with classic design and many configuration options make VEKA Softline 82 the most comprehensive solution on the market.

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