Aluprof MB-EXPO

The system of fixed and mobile MB-EXPO partition walls is used to make internal partitions, the characteristic feature of which is that the load-bearing element of the structure is a tempered glass fastened in clamping profiles. Its elements can be used to make fixed walls, all-glass hinged and swing doors as well as segments of parked doors – folding and folding doors. These types of structures are most often found in shopping centers and office buildings.

The use of the MB-EXPO system makes it possible to easily change the functionality of the rooms and divide the interior space, we also have the option of different surface finishes of aluminum decorative profiles on both sides of the building (so-called two-color) and the use of stainless strips. For profiles with a height of 100 mm, it is possible to use the bottom brush seal in order to increase the tightness of the leaf. An important advantage of this system is its versatility and the possibility of installing fittings from many companies.

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