Aluprof MB-60

MB-60 is a modern aluminum system used to make exterior architectural elements that require thermal and acoustic insulation, e.g. various types of windows, doors, vestibules, display windows, and spatial structures.

A characteristic feature of the system is its close connection with the MB-45, MB-59S and MB-70 window and door systems. The adoption of such a constructional assumption made it possible to obtain and use many compatible elements in these systems, e.g. common glazing beads, corners, sealing strips, glazing and cover gaskets, common fittings, locks, hinges and many identical technological processes such as pinning of lacings and crosspieces, gluing corners, punching various recesses, etc. One of the effects of this unification is that the external and internal appearance of products: windows, doors, etc., made in various external or internal development systems is almost identical.

The MB-60 system is the basis for solutions with increased thermal insulation: MB-60HI, MB-60US HI, MB-60E HI, MB-60EF HI.

On the basis of this system, it is also possible to make anti-burglary structures.

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