Aluprof MB-59S

The MB-59S system is used to make external building elements that require thermal and acoustic insulation, e.g. various types of windows, doors, vestibules, display windows, etc.

The structural depth of the window sections is 50 mm for frames and 59 mm for sashes. The outer surfaces of these sections lie on one plane. The structural depth of the door sections for both frames and leaves is 50 mm. The effect of the wings flush with the frame is achieved both from the inside and the outside.

One of the basic advantages of the MB-59S system is the freedom in the selection of fittings and the methods of their mounting. The design of the door profiles, thanks to the use of special grooves, allows for mounting various types of hinges, the so-called “Rebate”, as well as catches and bolts. The door can also be equipped with traditionally mounted surface hinges. The window profiles have profiled grooves of such dimensions that it is possible to use multi-point locking fittings and connectors compliant with the EURO standard, both for aluminum and plastic windows. These solutions enable the installation of fittings from most reputable companies.

An important advantage of the presented structure is also the possibility of bending profiles and making various types of arches and arch structures.
The MB-59S system allows for the production of windows with a traditional method of opening: double-leaf, side-turn, tilt, tilt-turn or tilt-slide, this system is also the basis for such structures as MB-59S Casement outward opening windows, MB-59S pivot windows Pivot and MB-59SE economy doors. Most of these structures are also available in a version with increased thermal insulation.

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