Gealan LINEAR®

Gealan LINEAR®

Gealan LINEAR® windows are characterized by minimalism and are based on simple contours, which are the leading trend in modern architecture.

The slim and elegant profiles make an amazing impression.

The 74 mm deep system meets the highest profile requirements in terms of design, durability, production efficiency and versatility of window applications. The system is based on simple contours, and the shapes of the sashes with a 4 ° rebate inclination and glazing beads in a 90 ° optic create a unique and modern design.

An additional advantage of the system is the low folding height – 110 mm, which allows for the construction of effective and large glazing. The highest parameters in the segment of systems with a depth of 74 mm with a Uf heat transfer coefficient of up to 1.0 W / (m²K) are excellent heat insulation, thanks to which you will pay less on bills. Gealan LINEAR® windows are primarily versatile, they can be used both in newly built facilities and renovated buildings. The universal rebate in the window sash allows the use of classic blocking, STV® dry static glazing or wet gluing.

Gealan LINEAR® benefits


Simple outlines
A simple, clear design concept, taking into account architectural trends, within which windows with simple, expressive contours are proposed.

The innovative design of the system has been focused on meeting the current and future market expectations.

Perfect thermal insulation
The highest parameters in the 74 mm deep system segment with a Uf heat transfer coefficient of up to 1.0 W / (m²K).

High compatibility Optimized profile design ensures compatibility with other GEALAN solutions.

Versatility of applications
A complete system for the construction of windows, balcony doors and entrance doors.

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