Gealan KUBUS®

Gealan KUBUS®

Gealan KUBUS® windows are an innovative system structure and beautiful design, perfectly matching the idea of ​​transparent architecture.

Large glazing enables effective illumination of the rooms and gives a wide range of possibilities in interior design.

Uniform surface from the inside and a modern look from the outside.

The uniform dimension of the Gealan KUBUS® system is 100 mm, which means that windows with different functions (tilt and turn, turn with a movable mullion, fixed glazing) look identical from the outside, creating an elegant and harmonious visual effect.

The sensational Uf coefficient for Gealan KUBUS® is 0.88 W / (m2K) and meets the criteria required for passive windows. The design of the profile and the use of IKD® technology provide the highest thermal insulation. Gealan KUBUS® windows are easy to maintain due to the smooth contours of the frame and the complete absence of gaskets in the frame. A perfectly designed step in the frame creates a warm center seal.

the benefits of Gealan-KUBUS®


Minimalistic form
Less is more, perfectly fits the idea of transparent architecture.

Multiple functions – one dimension
The uniform dimension of the Gealan-KUBUS® system is 100 mm.

100 mm
It enables the creation of effective, large-area glazing

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