Gealan Acrylcolor®

Gealan Acrylcolor®

Acrylcolor® is a patented technology of surface refinement of Gealan profiles, which gives finished windows unique properties such as color durability, durability and ease of care. It is produced in the process of co-extrusion, where the white PVC base and colored acrylic glass (PMMA) are fused together.

Gealan Acrylcolor® profiles are available in various systems in all construction depths. Regardless of the purpose and type of structure: be it historical, old buildings or modern cubic architecture, windows, entrance doors, balcony doors, sliding solutions.

The perfectly smooth, satin surface of the Acrylcolor® profiles is, on the one hand, an effective barrier to external factors such as sun or hail, and on the other hand, it gives the windows an elegant look and guarantees color durability for years.

Acrylcolor® - video

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