VEKA Perfectline

VEKA Perfectline

VEKA Perfectline windows are 5-chamber profiles with a depth of 70mm, equipped with 2- or 3-chamber glazing and Winkhaus fittings.

Perfectline windows provide very good thermal insulation (Uw from 1.0 W / m2K). They provide good illumination of rooms through a larger glass area, as the frame and sash profiles are 118 mm wide in total.

Perfectline profiles can be fitted with glazing units with a thickness of 6 to 42 mm, meeting the requirements of class 6 acoustic insulation (noise reduction up to 50 dB).

VEKA Perfectline windows are also available in the outward-opening version, which is very popular in the Scandinavian countries.

The profiles have outer walls with a thickness of 3 mm (with a possible deviation of + – 0.2 mm), which classifies them to the highest class A.

Perfectline profiles use two gaskets – external and internal, which effectively protect against noise and cold.
The gaskets can be black, gray or caramel, which allows you to match them to the color of the profiles.

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