The MB-SKYLINE sliding door system with a hidden frame is based on narrow profiles, thanks to which the structures gain a modern and minimalist look.

Aluprof MB-Skyline provides a comfortable, non-threshold transition from the house to the terrace or garden. The whole is almost uniform glazing with narrow dividing lines, perfectly blending in with the luxurious and modern construction.

MB-Skyline doors have a modern design, because the frame is hidden in the walls, floor and ceiling, which makes it elegant and thin, almost invisible.

The greatest advantage of MB-SKYLINE is the lack of limitations in the width of the structure, thanks to which the doors can be connected to each other and constitute a uniform series of glazing, giving the building a unique style, increasing the rank of the entire investment. Despite the possible large dimensions of the door, their slender structure gives the impression of being light and delicate.

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