The Gealan SMOOVIO® sliding system is a combination of extraordinary comfort and exceptional tightness. The unique properties of this new product are the result of a synergistic combination of such elements as a new hardware design, innovative profile geometry and well-thought-out gaskets.

Any leaks have been completely eliminated thanks to the innovative locking mechanism in Gealan SMOOVIO® patio doors. Sliding systems are very practical, they allow you to arrange the space directly under the window and thanks to this, we get even more valuable, free space in our interior.

The benefits also include comfortable operation, space saving, water resistance, high thermal and acoustic insulation. Precisely matched seals ensure the highest level of sealing when the door is closed and protect against the effects of the weather.

Gealan SMOOVIO® is an elegant, balanced design.

Advantages of the Gealan SMOOVIO® system

comfortable operation

space saving

wind protection


high thermal insulation


optimal sound insulation


elegant, balanced design

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