Exclusive window sills of granite or marble will give an elegant look to any interior. They are hard and resistant to abrasion. They are easy to be polished and processed. Sills of natural stone are very durable and, with a smooth surface, easy to maintain clean. A wide range of colors and patterns combined with professional treatment gives a wide range of solutions and applications, allowing to choose the perfect window sill for any interior.

For the production of window sills made of duromarble (synthetic marble), there are used quartz sand, dolomite powder, pigments and polyester resins. It is cast in forms, and for polishing of the surface, it is covered with a layer of a so-called gel coat, mainly composed of resin. Window sills of synthetic marble imitate marble and granite, but they are 20% lighter. They have smooth surface and rounded edges. Their features include: very good resistance to moisture and chemicals, durability, smooth, shiny, easy to clean surface.

They are made of marble aggregate sealed with polyester resin. Natural aggregate makes great imitation of stone sills. They can also be pigmented into various colors, but still retaining the layout of grains, as natural marbles and granites. They usually have a glossy surface and milled edges. Window sills of conglomerate marble are durable, and thanks to a smooth surface, easy to maintain clean.

Window sills made of wood-based MDF or HDF covered with high-quality acrylic lacquers or natural wood veneer are high quality products at an affordable price. Thanks to its attractive finish (can be shiny or matte, in solid colors or with wood structure) perfectly harmonize with both wooden windows and PVC ones.

Sills made of hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC) laminated with high-quality veneers, with a cross-section of chambers, is the perfect solution for customers whose core argument is the price. With the broadest in the market palette of veneers, they match perfectly with all types and colors of the windows. Their side finishing harmonize sills color

Woods used for the production of exclusive window sills are pine, meranti or laminated layered oak. They can be painted with any covering color of RAL palette or painted with waterborne lacquer of “glazes” type, with visible wood grain. They have smooth surface and rounded edges.