Exclusive window sills of granite or marble will give an elegant look of each elevation. Due to its characteristics, natural stone is a very good material for window sills and all kinds of exterior cladding.

Clinker window sills are an excellent alternative to more expensive windowsills made of clinker tiles or natural stone. They are made of carefully selected raw materials. They are characterized by durability, resistance to atmospheric agents and biological corrosion, easy to clean. With the wide range of available colors, these window sills harmonize well with each kind of facade, highlighting perfectly the style and character of a house.

In contrast to the window sills bent from thin metal sheet, aluminum window sills are produced in metallurgical method of pulling melted construction alloy of aluminum and meet the highest quality standards. Thickness of obtained in this way sills reaches 2mm.

Thanks to modern production technology, this product is characterized by high rigidity, excellent durability, resistance to mechanical damage, exceptional tightness. The variety of colors creates unlimited design possibilities as well as allows for harmonious integration of the sill with the style of windows and facades of any object.

Exterior window sills made of galvanized steel are designed for installation with PVC, wooden or aluminum windows. They are characterized by good quality in combination with an affordable price, attractive appearance and durability (resistance to weather conditions), resistance to moisture, staining, non-flammability, resistance to chemicals and cleaning agents used at home.