Pleated Mosquito Net, as the name suggests, is a product that has a pleated net, which is made of so-called accordion – like the pleated blinds. This product has a very low threshold (which does not hinder passing), also it allows you to stop the net in any position.

Frame mosquito net is the simplest and also the cheapest form of mosquito net. It is designed for installation in most types of windows. This product has an aluminum profile and non-flammable fiberglass net and, what is important, does not limit visibility. Installation of mosquito net is carried out by means of hooks, without interfering the window frame. Easy and quick assembly and disassembly.

Instead of the standard nets, it is possible to use the dustproof net of POLL-TEX (mosquito hypoallergenic). It is a response to the needs of the most demanding customers, which not only protects against insects, but mainly from allergens present in the air.

Mosquito Net used for doors, is fitted to the building facade or door frame with hinges. It is equipped with a handle for opening and magnets holding a mosquito net in the closed position, as well as a brush seal, which prevents the room from getting insects and dirt from the outside.

Additionally, there is the possibility of the door closer, which automatically closes the opened mosquito net, increase comfort of use, and door frames in order to improve rigidity of door frame.

The rolling mosquito net is available as horizontal and vertical option, and it is used both, for windows and doors. Equipped with guiding rails and a spring mechanism, which allows you to quickly expand and collapse the net to the cartridge, it creates a sealed system stopping insects and dirt from the outside. Blocking mosquito nets with the help of magnetic tape allows you to easily and quickly expand and collapse the blind.

Rolling mosquito nets can also be used for roof windows!

In the case of balcony or terrace windows of double leaf, we apply rolling DOUBLE mosquito net. This product, of the two parts, has a cassette with a spring mechanism.