Top mounted roller blinds, that otherwise can also be called the cap or superimposed, can be assembled only at the stage of constructing the facility or replacement of windows in buildings already existing. Box of blinds in this case is applied to the window or door frame. Guides are fastened to the outside of the window frame, and later, the whole set is mounted in a recess. Box of these type of blinds, in the end, is not visible, and appears to be a part of the window.

Front mounted roller shutters – can be mounted at any time, because it is installed onto the facade. Large selection of boxes, profiles, and their colors will satisfy any aesthetic expectations. We offer the excellent quality overload radio and wired drives to ensure comfort of use.

Our external blinds perfectly insulate heat. They are a barrier to intruders, and after partial lowering, the room is perfectly protected from excessive sunlight and heat. In all of our roller shutter systems, there are also versions with mosquito net, especially in summer they protect us from insects.