The system is intended for constructing and creating the light curtain walls – flat panel hanging and filling type, and roofs, skylights and other structures. This solution is a modification of the very popular facade system MB-SR50, outgoing to meet the current trends prevailing in architecture.

The MB-SR50N gives you the opportunity to implement different types of windows and doors in the façade, including windows dedicated to facades: tilt windows and roof windows. Particularly effective is the use of the window integrated with the facade, based on the solution MB-SR50 IW.

The characteristics of the MB-SR50N include a large range of profiles and columns (65 mm to 325 mm) and the bolts (5 mm to 189.5 mm) and modern solutions of accessories and fittings. They allow to achieve increased range of load transfers – fixed filling module of a facade may weight up to 450 kg. The MB-SR50N gives considerable freedom in designing the points of attachment of the facade, a wide range of glazing options, also allows the use of large-size glass and two-chamber glass units.

Use of a continuous thermal break made of HPVC insulating material and profiled gaskets made of EPDM, allows obtaining the appropriate class of thermal insulation and minimizes the occurrence of condensation of water vapor on the aluminum elements.

Aesthetic variant of the MB-SR50N, as in previously known mullion-transom facades, are versions: PL (the so-called horizontal and vertical lines, where divisions – horizontal or vertical, are highlighted) and the semi-structural facade type EFFECT. Particularly noteworthy is the version with enhanced thermal insulation MB-SR50N HI, which uses special, two-component insulators.