System of fixed and mobile partition walls MB-EXPO used to perform internal partitions. Their characteristic feature is that the bearing element of the structure is made of tempered glass fixed in the clamping profiles. It is possible to make a solid wall of its elements, all-glass hinged doors and swing doors and segments of parked – folding and folding doors. Such structures are usually found in shopping malls and office buildings.

The use of the MB-EXPO gives the ability to easily change the functionality of the rooms and the distribution of interior surfaces. We also have the possibility of various finishing of aluminum decorative profiles surfaces on both sides of installation (i.e. doublecolor), and the use of stainless steel strips. For profiles with the height of 100 mm, there is a possibility of mounting a lower brush seal in order to increase the tightness of the sash. An important advantage of this system is its versatility and the ability to mount fittings of many brands.

The MB-EXPO allows to build walls with a maximum height of up to approx. 4 m, maximum width of door leaf is 1.4 m. There are two groups in the profiles of different heights (from the ground): low – 36 mm and high – 100 mm. The structural depth of 33 mm applies to the low profile and 35 mm to the high profile, but it is possible to harmonize its application by wider decorative profiles.

Thicknesses of tempered glass that can be used in this system: 8, 10 and 12 mm. Glazing gaskets are not visible in the view from both sides of the construction. The height of the profiles and installation depth can be increased by using extended or expanded decorative profiles.