Sectional garage doors are used in residential and industrial buildings, public buildings and garages. Opening up (door sections are hiding just below the flat ceiling, vertically above the opening or adjusting the inclination of the roof), they allow efficient use of every centimeter of space inside the garage and in front of him.

The possibility of using different types of drivers makes fitting the Sectional Door to a particular object extremely simple. Low headroom or roofs with a slope are not any obstacle in the case of selecting Sectional Door.

In the case of garages going directly onto the street or sidewalk, Sectional door does not constitute a threat to passers-by and does not obstruct the traffic. They can also be adjusted to the projects of containing wall opening in the shape of arc or trapezoid.

All our Sectional Doors are thermally insulated. Their plates are created to reduce heat loss to the garage in the best possible way. There are Sectional Doors constructed from segments of different parameters of thermal and acoustic insulation: panel thickness from 20 mm to 45 mm.

Gateways offered by us meet the legally required safety in use regulations, including guarantee of protection against trapping fingers from the inside and outside, and protection against spring break.

Sectional Garage Doors can be equipped with, among other things, wicket door, various types of glazing, ventilation grilles or electrical drives.