The apartments’ entrance doors do not have to be fully resistant to adverse weather conditions, because they are not directly exposed to factors such as wind, snow or frost.

The most important parameters for such door are, next to the aesthetic ones, primarily tightness and sound insulation. It is not without significance that they are also a protection against burglary. Many of our models are also certified fire protection.

You can choose from a wide range of doors made of wood-based panels and steel. A large selection of natural and synthetic veneers will satisfy even the most demanding customers.


The main task of the external door is the protection against burglary. So it is worth choosing a door of high-grade anti-burglary protection combined with good thermal insulation and acoustic. But these are not the only properties that good external doors should have. The aesthetics and coherence with the body of the house and used window are of not a lesser meaning.

Interior doors are primarily to emphasize the style and arrangement of the room. They can be an excellent complement to the applied design. Rich design and a multitude of available alternatives allow everyone to choose a satisfactory solution and to highlight one’s own individual style.

To make our offer for doors complete, we have also introduced Technical doors intended for use in residential areas, hotels, health services, educational institutions and other commercial areas, as well as in service and production facilities.