We understand how important for you is the issue of choice of windows supplier, contractor of finishing works or renovation of the house, and therefore we strive to guarantee you the maximum of comfortable solutions, which ensure complete satisfaction, allowing at the same time to avoid stress and uncertainty.


The quality of our windows and services is confirmed by testimonies and certificates held by us. The best business card of our company are, however, numerous groups of satisfied customers. It is provenby the fact that a large group people coming to us are led by the recommendation of friends, acquaints, family or neighbors who have already used our services.

Each client is treated individually. We are at your disposal offering advice and help to make important decisions concerning the selection of optimal technical solutions, determining the necessary scope of renovation work, avoiding unnecessary costs, selecting finishing materials. We are always happy to devote our time to you.

We begin the customer care at the moment of the first contact and do not finish it, even after the warranty period. We are always at your disposal.

We serve customers in 5 European languages. You can speak with us in Polish, English, German, Swedish and Norwegian. We analyze the technical documentation and prepare business offers in each of these languages.

Za dokonywane przez nas pomiary, sporządzane projekty i wyceny nie pobieramy żadnej opłaty. Wizyty naszych doradców nie są dla Państwa w żaden sposób zobowiązujące.

We guarantee for our products and services. We also provide constant service in the country and abroad.

We have our own means of transport (18.5 ep), so we provide regular and timely delivery.

In our work, we follow the sense of aesthetics, which is why we pay special attention to the precise finishing.

The company employs skilled workers. Management has the authority required by the regulations to supervise construction works (building qualifications without limitation, the master eligibility, higher education in building), and employees of the production department as well as the repairs and assembly division are constantly trained.

Our main goal is the satisfaction and the contentment of our customers.