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Public buildings

Public utility facilities Nya Raketskolan, Kiruna, SWEDEN  Previous Next Supply of Alphaline windows in white and black for the building of a newly built school with a very interesting architectural design.PAN Gdańsk LIBRARY Previous Next Renovation of window frames under the supervision of the Provincial Conservator for Monuments: reconstruction of the Main Reading Room (replacement…

Apartment buildings

Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z inwestycjami wykonanymi rękami naszych specjalistów w różnych częściach świata


Single-family construction SINGLE-FAMILY HOUSE IN STRASZYN Previous Next Production and installation of PVC window joinery in the VEKA Perfectline system in golden oak color, installation of the NOVOFERM ISO 45 sectional garage door and JUWENT AS3 external doors. Willa w Warszaw Previous Next Fabrication and assembly of PVC window joinery in the VEKA Alphaline system…