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PVC window sills

PVC window sills Previous Next Window sills made of hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC), laminated with high-quality veneers, with a chamber cross-section are a perfect solution for customers for whom the price is the main argument. Thanks to the widest range of veneers on the market, they blend in perfectly with all types and colors of…

Aluminum window sills

Aluminum window sills Previous Next Unlike window sills bent from thin sheets, these window sills are produced by a metallurgical method of drawing molten aluminum from structural alloys that meet the highest quality standards. The thickness of the window sills obtained in this way reaches 2 mm. Thanks to modern manufacturing technology, this product is…

Steel window sills

Steel window sills External window sills made of powder-coated galvanized steel are suitable for installation with PVC, wooden and aluminum windows. They are characterized by good quality in combination with an affordable price, aesthetic appearance and durability (resistance to weather conditions), resistance to moisture, darkening, non-flammability, resistance to chemicals and cleaning agents used at home.