The window in the foreground, i.e. the innovative Aluplast Smart-Slide sliding solution

Can you simplify your life then? You can. The new Aluplast Smart-Slide sliding door solution will help you with this.

The beauty of simplicity

Every day we are used to mild, non-aggressive lines of finishings of household appliances and cars. Where everything is in its place, but at the same time it works and allows us to enjoy the space and functionality. The use of Smart-Slide sliding doors is also a step towards the optimal use of the space inside the room, because opening the door does not require opening the wings, which would “enter” deeply into the living space. The smart-slide door can be made in two schemes A and C:

Sliding doors enabling the creation of a glazed structure with overall dimensions of 5.85 x 2.5 m.

Less means more

This is the motto of our time. Visual splendor is only an expression of artistry. This time the turn is towards undisturbed, straight lines and geometric solids. Our windows can delight the senses with simplicity, and moreover, it will not affect their thermal insulation parameters – they will still effectively protect us against storm, rain and frost, but their form will be even simpler.

A well-thought-out combination of Smart technical solutions means that Smart-Slide achieves very good results in the field of air permeability, wind resistance and water resistance tests. All this thanks to properly matched perimeter seals of the sash, which, by turning the handle, are pressed transversely to the frame, along the entire circumference. Locking points in the area of the post also ensure high tightness.

The entire perimeter locking of the leaf provides a high pressure force, and at the same time, when opened, the leaf moves extremely easily, using minimal force. This is a very important advantage, especially in comparison with the rear-slide structures, which, with a large number of opening / closing cycles, may be difficult to operate.

Big opportunities

Smart-Slide doors are available in a wide range of decorative foils, as well as in this system you can use aluskin aluminum covers, which further extends the range of available color variants.

You can find more information on the Aluplast Smart-Slide here.

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