How to ensure the safety of our children?


When you find out that you will soon become a parent, after a short but intense euphoria, you activate your natural parental instinct – you start planning. And at every step you are looking for solutions that will make your child’s world safer and better.

Handle – to guard the entrance to the unknown world

For us, a handle is a way to open or tilt a window depending on the need we have at that moment. For a child, it is a handle with which he can enter an unknown, colorful world. So how do you prevent your child from opening the window? The perfect solution is a handle equipped with the Kisi locking system. After its installation, the handle can only be moved by pressing the tabs at the top and bottom of the lock at the same time. It is therefore necessary to use both hands to open the window.

Another, equally good solution is the Tilt First function, with which the window can only be tilted. Only subsequent conscious movements of the handle will allow it to be opened wide.

A solution that will definitely discourage a child from playing with the handle is the solution of the handle with a key, where only the release of the lock equipped with the key will guarantee the opening of the window.

We are not afraid of glass

Windows with thick profiles are a thing of the past. Today’s trends strive for windows to let in as much light as possible, which involves the choice of narrow profiles that fit neatly into the wall. Along with the reduction of the frames, the glass has gained greater surface. There are, however, inherent risks with this idea … To eliminate the risk of injury by broken glass, we recommend using the so-called “Safety glass“. A safe glass pane is one that has a layer of foil embedded inside, so that even after breaking, the whole pane remains in the frame in one piece. Another solution is toughened glass, which breaks down into small pieces with blunt edges when broken.

Low threshold – no more broken knees

What is a child doing when he sees a balcony door wide open in front of him? Full of euphoria, she runs outside to greet her new adventure! Is there anything that could stand in his way then? Of course it is. The door threshold is an unpleasant surprise for the child, which can cause many unpleasant experiences. Therefore, when choosing a balcony door, it is worth considering the option with a special low threshold.

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