Aluminum skin – overlays for PVC windows

In recent years, changes in the way of thinking about architecture have been clearly visible, and thus, a change in the shapes and structure of the designed window joinery is also noticeable.

Tekst: Marcin Szewczuk, aluplast sp. z o.o.

Dream houses become full of light, free from architectural barriers, and at the same time comfortable, warm and safe. Increasingly larger glazing, modernist design and an ever wider range of used color palettes require the introduction of new solutions to meet these expectations. Certainly, windows with aluminum covers are a product that can meet the highest requirements in terms of thermal protection and design. Aluminum covers for PVC windows are a technical solution that introduces a modern and elegant design the world of aluminum and unfettered play with colors, while maintaining excellent parameters in terms of thermal insulation, ease of care and quality of plastic windows. The diversified design of the overlays allows them to be used in various profile configurations. Due to modern technologies of varnishing or powder coating, aluminum covers can have any color from the bar palette in RAL.

Attractive niche

The product, which are PVC windows with aluminum covers, due to its relatively high price, does not fit into the sales policy of many companies focused on the so-called “Economic segment”. However, it is undoubtedly an interesting offer – a distinguishing feature for companies cooperating with architects, focused on demanding customers, as well as companies strongly export-oriented, especially on German-speaking markets, where such products are very popular. For some companies it may be a way to stand out from the competition that most often does not offer such solutions, for others it may be an idea for some kind of specialization and cooperation in this area, even with other window manufacturers who, for various reasons, do not they want or are afraid to undertake this type of production.

Break your fears

The reasons for the relatively low popularity of this solution can be found in many factors. On the one hand, it is certainly a higher price of such products and the related fear of producers and sellers that “there is no market for it”. On the other hand, one can certainly mention the lack of knowledge and concerns related to the production process (processing, precise cutting and possible waste as a result of errors). The most frequently used technology for the production of windows with aluminum covers, which assumed joining them at an angle of 45 °, required from the manufacturer with very high precision, but for some time front-joined overlays have become more and more popular. This solution has a number of benefits. The introduction of overlays joined at an angle of 90 ° is primarily a possibility of obtaining very interesting optics, similar to wooden windows, but also a great help at the stage of manufacturing windows with overlays. Thanks to the frontal connection of the overlays, the number of people involved in the process and the time necessary for their preparation are reduced. The new method of joining also does not require such precision in cutting the overlays as in the case of 45 ° joining, and the overlays themselves do not have to be cut until the windows are manufactured. Preparation of overlays (cutting) can take place in parallel with the window production flow, based on the optimization list. Beside, in a short photo report, we present the processing of aluminum covers and the final effect of windows using the technology of joining the front covers.

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